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  Jeans: Levi's // Tee: Bershka // Jacket: Guess // Shoes: Zara At the beggining of this year I went to dissco...

Jeans: Levi's // Tee: Bershka // Jacket: Guess // Shoes: Zara

At the beggining of this year I went to disscover a new shopping center, and I had the opportunity to check out the Levi's store. As you will know I couldn't deny to bye my very first pair of blue jeans, yeah, blue jeans as Lana Del Rey likes and as the song I'm listening to right now. I never -always never say never-  thought I was gonna be wearing a pair of jeans who weren't skinny, oh my.
So last Saturday that I wore them for the first time I wanted to try them with this tee from Bershka, a pair of black shoes and a denim jacket. Ultimately, a total denim look.
Lots of kisses. Thanks for your comments. 

A principios de año fui a un nuevo centro comercial cerca de mi ciudad para descubrir que había por allí, y tuve la oportunidad de entrar a la tienda de Levi's. Como sabréis, no pude negar a comprar mi primer par de vaqueros azules, sí, vaqueros azules como le gusta a Lana Del Rey y como la canción que estoy escuchando en estos momentos. Nunca -siempre nunca digas nunca- pensé que iba a llevar unos vaqueros que no fueran vaqueros, pero todo el mundo cambia y hay que ir innovando.
Así que el pasado sábado que los llevé por primera vez quise llevarlos con esta camiseta de Bershka, un par de zapatos negros y una chaqueta vaquera. En definitiva, un look vaquero.
Nos vemos. Muchas gracias por vuestros comentarios. 

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  1. yeay! another male fashion blogger!! Now following you dear via GFC! Love your blog!! ♥
    Hope you check out my blog too! :))

    Michael Macalos

  2. Aw, cute outfits and pics! Thank you so much for following our little blog and commenting, we have followed back!

    Keep in touch!x

  3. Love the outfit dear! As always everything looks so lovely from top to bottom.

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  4. Hace mucho que no veía un outfit tanto con jeans como con chamarra de mezclilla!!! Me has inspirado para sacar la mía este fin de semana largo aquí en México. Saludos!!!

  5. DOPE!! I love the background view <3 I love palm trees. where is that?

    100% Nerd

  6. I love the all jeans with the blue pull,
    nice choice :)

    New on the blog !
    Kisses from France, Jane.

  7. nice pics! :)
    maybe we will follow each other? let me know :)
    I will be also very glad when you will CLICK on sheinside banner :)

  8. Nice look ;)

  9. Anonymous12:16 PM

    Really great Style - perfect for Autumn! Merci for your lovely comment on my Blog - Sure lets follow each other! I hope you‘ll come back soon ♡Love, Kyra

  10. hey dear.. very nice blog.. please follow back.. am following thks

  11. Great outfit!! <3


  12. great post!Sure, i want to follow each other) Following you now)

  13. Great outfit! I'm following you back :)


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