Germany, day 1: Aachen

  Today we start with the first post of the three I have about the awaited trip I took last week to visit some o...


Today we start with the first post of the three I have about the awaited trip I took last week to visit some of the most beautiful cities in Germany during winter time. 
We started the first day in Aachen, a city in the western of the country, the city that was the residence for Charlemagne. 
Despite the bad temperature (-2ºC) I had so much fun strolling through that city, it was pretty awesome to have the opportunity to visit that kind of place. By the night, it was much better cause all the lights of the markets were shining and I was all the time like wanting to take photos of every markets of the place, tho I took literally a good quantity I just can post from 10-15 per post (my rules). 
So hope you like the photos of the first day and see you soon! Thanks for your comments.

Hoy empezamos con el primer post de tres sobre el ansiado viaje que hice la semana pasada para visitar algunas de las ciudades más bonitas de Alemania en navidad.
Empezamos el primer día en Aquisgrán, una ciudad en el oeste del país, la ciudad que fue la residencia para Carlomagno.
A pesar de las malas condiciones y la temperatura (-2ºC) me lo pasé genial descubriendo y paseando por la ciudad, fue una gran oportunidad de visitar ese lugar. Por la noche, fue mejor ya que todas las luces de los mercadillos brillaban más que nunca y estaba todo el tiempo sacando fotos de casa puestecito de alrededor, aunque he sacado literalmente una buena cantidad de fotos solo puedo poner 10-15 fotos en cada post (mis reglas).
Así que espero que os gusten las fotos del primer día y nos vemos muy pronto. Muchas gracias por vuestros comentarios.

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29 magical comments

  1. Beautiful city! You must have had a lot of fun. :)

  2. Stunning photos. Looks like you had a great time. Lovely x-mas decorations around. Looking forward to see more of this city. Thx for sharing.

  3. Wow beautiful pictures....and yes Christmas is here

  4. ziet er goed uit!

    mooie en leuke foto's

  5. Oohhh, it looks so delightfully festive!!

  6. Love it!

    check out my blog:

    I`m following you now :)

  7. I never went to Germany, but I'd like to :) Nice pics !
    Check out my last post !

    Much kisses from France, Jane.

  8. Me encanta, que buen ambiente se respira! Besos

  9. nice pics and wonderful city :)
    you seriously look cool!
    i'm new follower, if you want visit my blog:
    if you like it, you can follow back, dear!

  10. Wow pics looks amazing and soo christmassy !
    Thanks for the follow I'm following you back

  11. Thanks for your comment, I'm already following your blog!
    I really enjoyed the photos.

  12. wow.. German is really beautiful during Christmas season.. and you captured it amazingly!
    I just love the way you smile though.. <3 ;)

  13. Welcome in Germany!:)
    Beautiful pictures.:)

  14. Christmas in Australia is pathetic compared to what we've seen around the world. We don't have nearly as many Christmas decorations in the streets or shops :( Germany looks like a great place to be spending Christmas!

    1. Definitely is awesome! Australia has to be cool as well, wanting so bad to visit it!! :)

  15. Amazing pics! You have a very nice blog! I follow you too!

  16. love this place! beautiful pics!
    check my blog if you want too:)
    NEW POST ->

  17. I love the photos! The city looks so perfect all dressed up for Christmas - it's like a set of a Disney movie. I do love a good Christmas market!

    Corinne x

  18. thanks for commenting my blogpost, I've follow you with bloglovin too..
    I like the blue sky in your last picture :D

  19. Are you already following me?Haven't seen yet...

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    Let me know.


  21. Great blog!!
    Can we follow each other via gfc bloglovin and g+?

  22. Great blog!!!
    Would you mind following each other via gfc bloglovin and g+?

  23. ohh Alemania! que pasadaaaa
    viendo las fotos... estoy segurisima de que lo pasaste genial!
    un besazo Sergio

  24. Qué fotos tan bonitas Sergio! Me encantan los mercadillos navideños! Se vé que lo pasaste fenomenal!
    Sergio encantada de volver a verte por el blog. Yo te sigo hace meses en GFC y Bloglovin me encantaría que tu también me siguieras y no perder el contacto.
    Espero verte por Lady Trends!


    Lady Trends NEW POST!!!

  25. Looks like a nice place for Xmas vacations!

  26. hello. i like this photos and like germany too. can we follow each other?


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