Germany, day 2: Monschau

  2/3 of the posts about my latest trip. This time about the most beautiful town I've ever visited and I...


2/3 of the posts about my latest trip. This time about the most beautiful town I've ever visited and I will visit, this town is called Monschau. Seriously, the best place to rest, the best place to hang out, the best place to take photos, the best place to stroll... Each house is different from the others, well, all have the same structure but while you are walking underneath them you feel they have their own history, their own beauty.
You can't imagine how I was, literally all the time taking the perfect pic and is that ALL the corners were absolutely awesome to take photos. Goshh I like love the photos of this post, this city and everything related with Monschau.
Whether it was all great, then it started to snow -let it snow, let it snow-, god mine the icing of the cake.
 I encourage you to visit this town once and once again, if you have the opportunity, don't waste it. 
Muchas gracias por vuestros comentarios.

*I think I haven't said you HAPPY XMAS everyone, so to celebrate christmas and everything outstanding with it maybe next week there will be a surprise for you, fingers crossed (whatsapp emoticon) to everything goes well.

2/3 de los posts de mi último viaje. Esta vez sobre el pequeño pero precioso pueblo que he visitado y que jamás vaya a visitar, este se llama Monschau. En serio, el mejor sitio para descansar, el mejor sitio para pasar el rato, el mejor sitio para hacer fotos, el mejor sitio para pasear... Cada casa es diferente de la anterior, bueno, todas tienen la misma estructura, pero, es que, cuando vas caminando por debajo de ellas sientes que cada una tiene su historia y su propia belleza. No os podéis imaginar como era, literalmente todo el tiempo queriendo sacar la foto más perfecta y es que resulta que cada esquina era genial para hacer fotos. Me gustan encantan las fotos del post, la ciudad en sí y todo lo relevante a Monschau.
Ya iba todo genial y de repente empezó a nevar -deja que nieve, deja que nieve-, dios mío, la guinda del pastel. 
Os animo visitéis este lugar una vez y otra y que si tenéis la oportunidad no la malgastéis, vale mucho la pena.
Muchas gracias por todos vuestros comentarios.

*Creo que no os he dicho FELIZ NAVIDAD a todos, así que para celebrar la navidad la semana que viene, quizás, habrá más de tres posts. Dedos cruzados (emoticono de whatsapp) para que todo salga genial.

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  1. Yeah freezing Germany! You took some great pics! XO

  2. Great photos. I love the architecture and design of those buildings :)

  3. Great images! You captured the town well! Great architecture x

  4. Such a great photos! I'm totally impressed! : )

  5. nice view. That deer's head is sooo dope!

  6. Wow- the photos are so beautiful and that town sure does look amazing!! So lucky to go travelling!! I'm stuck in Canada. Hope you'll enjoy your time there! xxx

    Chic Nikkie
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  7. great pics:)

  8. Very nice place and pics. Like your sporty jacket. :)
    I´d be glad if you enter on my giveaway-

  9. I follow you back ))

  10. Lovely buildings, nice outfit!
    Thanks for dropping by. I am following your blog via GF :)

  11. Thanks for following! I followed you back! Keep in touch! Love your look!

  12. lovely pics :)

  13. amazing pictures! :)

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  16. that is a very nice place!
    I like ur pictures taken, scenery is so breathtaking!
    I followed u back :)
    This is my first time visiting non lady blog from other country :)

  17. You have lovely photos Sergio! I love them. Thank you for visiting my blog and for following, I'm following back! Hope to keep in touch.

    REAlity Bites

  18. Lovely post:) I followed you on GFC! xx

  19. Anonymous11:31 AM

    Me han encantado las fotos y tu look! La beisbolera es genial

  20. awesome blog! i loved your pictures :)

  21. Great post :)

    Do you want to follow each other, let me know?!

  22. Lovely place ! Follow u on GFC and bloglovin ; )

  23. I followed you! Thanks for invitation and I wait for your turn!

  24. Unas fotos maravillosas!

    ¡Gracias por tu comentario!
    Un besazo enorme, feliz día:)
    Nuevo outfit-post, bomber tartán en un look casual. ¿Todavía no lo has visto? No te lo pierdas en:

  25. good photos

  26. The color combo is perfect!! Fab design!!

  27. thank you for your comment ;)

    I follow you too already :)

    Merry Christmas

  28. Great post!
    Anyway,I had just followed your blog and I would definitely come back for more of these amazing posts!


  29. hey dude!!
    Nice beanie~
    Love winter so much!! It can let me wear a lot of layers =]

    GOOD JOB!!
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